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General dental care subsidy

Dental care subsidy is an goverment finincial subsidy that makes going to the dentist more affordable. Dental care subsidy consists of a general subsidy, a special subsidised dental care and a high-cost protection..

Dental care subsidy is for adults from the age of 20 and above and consist of:

  • A General subsidy, ATB, 150 eller 300 kronor per year depending of your age.
  • A high-cost protection, the high-cost protection means that you only need to pay a part of the cost yourself for major treatments. Försäkringskassan compensates the dentist directly.
  • A special subsidised dental care, STB. Försäkringskassan provides a special subsidy if you have an illness or disability that increases your need for dental care. The subsidy can be used for checkups, tooth cleaning and other preventive procedures..
  • General Dental Care Subsidy, ATB

    Everyone who is considered a resident of Sweden under the Social Insurance Code receives the national dental care subsidy starting from the year they turn 20. This also applies to certain people who live in Sweden but are not considered residents under the Social Insurance Code. People who work or study in Sweden and are residents of other countries may also have a right to dental care subsidy. If a person has a right to dental care subsidy, that right normally also applies to this person's family members..

    • 20-29 and over 75 år: 300 kronor/ year
    • 30-74 years 150 kronor/ year

    for more detailed infomration please visit the Försäkringkassan website

  • High cost protection

    The dental care support is a cost ceiling which means the patient at greater treatments only have to pay part of the cost himself. Insurance Agency pays compensation for the remainder of the costs to you as the caregiver.

    Cost ceiling takes effect when a patient over a period of twelve months with measurements performed with a combined reference price exceeds SEK 3000.

    • Up to 3 000 kronor: you pay full price.
    • 3 001-15 000 kronor: you pay only 50 procent of the reference price.
    • over 15 000 kronor: you get 85 procent of the cost based on the referens price in compensation
  • Compensation period

    High-cost protection begins as soon as a procedure that it covers has been completed. All procedures performed over the following 12 months are covered. You can choose to start a new compensation period before the old one expires. That might be to your benefit if you are about to undergo major dental work. Having several different procedures performed during the same period can bring you above reference charges of SEK 15,000 so that you receive more compensation for the remainder.

    Some procedures are not covered

    Some procedures are not covered. Among them are tooth whitening and other cosmetic procedures which deemed to be not costeffecient to be covered by the goverment subsidy. Among these are rottfilling of wisdom teeht

    For more in deepth infomartion visit Försäkringskassan.